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  What is Knamuzyka?

Manufactuer and exporter of Quality musical instruments, bagpiper's uniform as well as accessories.

We can also produce the customizing products with your own brand name or logos.

So take a look at our website and select your deisre article with your required quantity,then we can provide you more precise data on our products.

  Knamuzyka News

I have planned to visit Germany market in 1st week of March, so in the meantime, if you need any of your desire products to check our quality and workmanship, kindly let us know in advance, so we can prepare your desire products to bring along with me.


We produce the 2013 collection of Musical Instruments & also bagpipers uniform, so view our new designs products send us email for catalogue request so we can send you our 2013 collection catalogue

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Name    : Mr. Ali Hassan
Tell         : 0092 524 588088
Address : Pakki Kotli Daska Road
                  Sialkot - 51310 Pakistan
Email     : info@knamuzyka.com

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